F.P.L Italy

FPL (Fabbrica Porcellane Lungavilla) was founded in 1907 and has been one of the first companies in Italy to manufacture porcelain insulators for electric lines.
Our policy is to offer products that cover a wide range of customer needs, achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality.
Over the years, through the development of new products and the know-how achieving in the electric power and electronics sector, FPL has diversified production in three specific product lines:


It is addressed to electrical, electronics, lighting and filters industry and to many other sectors using ceramic materials. We produce special mixtures on customer’s specific requirements in order to satisfy each demand with high technical / chemical performance.


It is addressed to companies producing temperature sensors for the industrial process control (thermocouples and thermoresistances). In this specific field, FPL has been leader in the international market for many years.


It is addressed to power line constructors: industries, government bodies, railways, electrical substations, municipal companies. FPL develops porcelain products according to customer’s specifications and to the international standard (IEC, ANSI, NEMA) and is equipped with a high-voltage internal laboratory for the standard and special tests on insulators.